WEB-DEV-TITLEThe extension of a company, organisation or individual’s presence into the global ether of the internet has become an accepted essential part of any on-line profile or persona. This process can often be traumatic and confounding by the many issues that surround it, many of them technical some of them as simple as buying a URL but the most difficult is the creation of a site that fulfills your requirements, a site that functions appropriately to your needs and that empowers you as the owner to interact and maintain it appropriately.

There are also many aspects of additional perceived complication, should I be on Twitter? How can Facebook assist my marketing process? What does analytics tell me? How do I get on to the first page of Google?

This is what I choose to call web development!

My interaction in this process has resulted in the creation of many sites whose owners look at them with pride and who receive praise for their usability and visual appeal.

Here are a number of links that you can take a look at:

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