Realisation02The completion and realisation of concepts, work given actual form and definition.

What is contained on this page are projects which have been elevated from the drawing board to be realised as actual. They represents work that I have made a substantial visual contribution toward either as physical surface graphics or in their conception. Here is an example.


London Underground

The challenge was to construct a training environment and programme that allowed London Underground frontline employees to be removed from the distraction of their normal everyday frontline duties. In doing so, the intention was to allow them to realise the benefits of new key working behaviours at a time of significant modernisation and change within the business.

The environment provided a pleasing convivial space, away from the rigours of normal activity and the intention was to reflect and reinforce the principles of the behaviours: BE ACTIVE, BE ACCOUNTABLE, BE FAIR AND CONSISTENT, BE DIRECT and finally BE COLLABORATIVE.


My contribution for this work began with a simplified creation of the 3D space in which to portray the graphical elements. It was important that these could reflect the five key behaviours, show reward and recognition, provide re-enforcement of the principle themes, portray positive attitudes of good practice and demonstrate where the business as a service was failing as well as embracing change. In so doing what was created was an environment that had to inspire, motivate and create interest around the London Underground plan and strategy. A series of large-scale prints provided a backdrop on the walls around the venue the largest of which was almost 20m in length. Many other items were generated as part of the event and these included invitations, general information signage, notebooks, lanyards, posters, magnetic boards, jigsaws and pens all branded with consistency even bottled water was supplied with the appropriate branded labelling.

3D visual of the event environment

Visual of the event environment walkway upto the reception space


Seen here are some of the original visuals as well as the finished results of the venue.


New projects will appear on this page over the coming weeks so please return soon to see more examples of my work.