Avon Concept WorkAvon National Business Meeting 2012 Pitch Material

An on-going relationship with Avon Cosmetics, facilitated the opportunity to pitch for one of Avon’s largest events for the 2012 calendar:  The National Business meeting for Sales Leaders and Area Sales Managers. Avon In touch event logo

The requirement of the pitch was to generate excitement for this important target group and to roll out Avon’s business strategy, for the coming year, in an easily perceived engaging way.

The event also included a Recognition and Reward Ceremony and Gala Dinner. 

A proposal was produced which included the design of an event theme and logo. This was applied to demonstrate use across a number of media applications, implicit in this was the requirement to inspire and empower key personnel within Avon’s business structure.

The Pitch Application included visuals of the event exhibition, event signage, delegate registration website, and printed materials for the event, including a delegate handbook and pocket sized Z card which focused on key points, useful tools and promotions for the coming business quarters.

Delegates note book containing an agenda, Venue and Exhibition floor plan, Campaign special offers on promotions, and note paper.

3D visualisations of the Exhibition.

16 page Z card, pocket size for ease of use.