Strange pictures from the pastthe-mitchesons, there is something of the Brontes in the name stoic, hardy, reliable and riven from the rock face, but what’s in a name? Perhaps another name would have more of a ring to it. Certainly it may have been easier to spell when in conversation over the phone, or slips off your tongue to be typed phonetically into the URL bar, but I prefer a personal approach, an approach that has a sense of humour.

I wouldn’t claim to be driven or passionate, I save that for the pitch, but what motivates me is quality and achieving something that I feel looks right. In that way I invest in every project that I’m part of.

Experience tells me that its always better to work with someone who fits with your own ethos, someone who can comprehend your requirements from a design brief and look beyond the printed page or the digital world. To be fair you’ll be staking a lot when it comes to making a decision about who to place that project with. You need someone who not only understands the design process but knows how to achieve the best result.

Yes you’ve heard this before on many a designer’s website blurb, but what makes the-mitchesons different is that I’m starting from a point where I’ve spent the last twenty years achieving great results for clients who have appreciated what has been brought to the table, and who have as a result reaped the benefits.

It’s easy to find out if we’re right for you and your organization. Send us the details for your project and we’ll be in touch at the first possible opportunity.